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  Jerry and Judy Brown have been teachers longer than thay have been married, which is over thirty years now. During that time they have worked with children of different ages, backgrounds, and abilities. Their lessons have run the gamut from securely traditional to surprisingly new and innovative. Below are some of the various publications, teaching tools, and constructive material they have authored which are available through FirstLight productions.
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Bright Beginnings


by Judy Brown.

Lessons and material for teaching birth to two year olds. These lessons for "very early childhood" focus on the spiritual qualities found in every Bible story and make them easily accessible to infants.. They are easy to use, easy to execute and never go out of date. Not only are they valuable early childhood teaching tools, they're also fun!

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26 Mini-Lessons for Mini-Students

by Judy and Jerry Brown.

To learn and strengthen vital spiritual connections, children need hands-on experiences with everyday objects and caring adults who will help them find God in their everyday lives. The lessons in this collection originally appeared in "TEACH Magazine" published by Sweet Publishing Company and edited by Mary Hollingsworth. They will work in the classroom, at home, or anywhere adults and children are trying to find out "why?"

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The Simon and Sara Beth Solution, Vol. 1

by Judy and Jerry Brown.

The first volume in a collection of television scripts written for "the Carpenter's Children," a tv show that originated out of Dallas, Texas. The characters of Simon and Sara Beth were designed to be both innocent and wise. As a fourth-grader, Simon could interact with his first-grade sister, Sara Beth, in situations easily recognized by young children. At the same time, their questions and answers reflect the concerns and understanding of older children and adults.

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