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theatre and drama workshops
    Such as:
  • Strengthening Spirituality through Theatre Games.
  • Let's Start a Drama Ministry!
  • Help! I'm a Drama Director!
  • Oh, no! We've had one success. What do we do now?
Theatre Games
Jerry Brown conducts a "theatre games" workshop

These workshops provide practical help to any size drama ministry that is just beginning, has had a success or two, or is well established.

The elements presented can also be used to help sharpen speaking, teaching and storytelling skills for parents and teachers alike.

Singapore Workshop
Singapore Mime Exercise

Theatre and Drama workshop ideas are also universal, fun and easy to learn. They can be applied to a "drama ministry" or to numerous other classroom situations.


Ideally, we hope to "demystify" the roots of theatre and show how drama and storytelling can be easily and effectively used in a variety of settings. Plus ... it can be FUN!

This is a What?

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