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FirstLight Productions, Inc.
summer 2000

What an amazing journey! To the opposite end of the earth and back and we found so many kind and interesting people that we really are excited to return one day. Maybe not right away ... that plane trip takes a bit out of you. But SOON!

You can see the first page of pictures by clicking here. We were honored to be a central part of the dedication of the Singapore Centre for Fathering. It's a worthwhile endeavour in any country and we were glad that we had a chance to share our performance talent with that group. You can learn a little more about "Birthright" or visit the Singapore 2000 page and see some pictures from the premiere! More updates soon!

We also had a great time leading workshops on Theatre and our "Bright Beginnings" curriculum. Next time we need to bring Judy over so she can show you the lessons in action!

If you have any questions about the material we presented that's not covered here on the website, feel free to shoot us an email.

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