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FirstLight productions presents a play featuring Jerry and Damon Brown


Growing up isn't easy.

Being a father is hard.

Why try?



a story about
Fathers and Sons

from FirstLight Productions, Inc.
  FirstLight was originally founded as a vehicle for Jerry and Damon Brown to produce the play "Light on the Diamond." Although we've expanded our vision to include a weath of other educational materials, family entertainment remains close to our heart. Below are a couple of the plays we currently have available for touring.



by Damon Brown.

"We remember our fathers, each in our own way."

"Birthright" explores the frustrations, the joy and the wonder between parent and child; and our relationship with the eternal Father. This is an ideal community outreach event. Performed by the father/son duo - Jerry and Damon Brown

Edge of Shadow

by Damon Brown.

"Is it dark we're afraid of . . . or being alone?"

"Edge of Shadow" takes a journey into the dark places inside the human soul. It presents two very different Biblical characters --Nicodemus and Saul - as they come to Jesus by night. The choices they must make as a result of that meeting change their lives forever. The struggle between Light and Dark comes alive in this thought-provoking drama presented by a single actor.



Visit this page to see pictures of Jerry starring in a recent performance for Word Publishing of Suddenly One Morning.


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Jerry W. Brown, Producer/Administrative Director
Damon K. Brown, Artistic Director
Judy K. Brown, Curriculum Director

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