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bright beginnings workshops
· When do we begin?
· What can they learn?
· Becoming spiritual guides
· Secrets of teaching the very young

This workshop is ideal for prospective parents, new parents, volunteer teachers, teachers new to your early childhood program or those ready to begin, remodel, or expand an early childhood program.

Judy Brown conducts a Bright Beginnings workshop
The focus is on strengthening teachers and parents as spiritual guides for the very young with an eye to becoming the visual - the example for the children. These basics make an ideal community outreach event too.
spiritual baby food workshop
· The Concept: Spiritual hunger begins at birth.
· The Challenge: Strengthening parents and teachers as spiritual guides.
· The Spiritual Baby Food: Bright Beginnings: Lessons for Very Early Childhood

This workshop encourages teachers and parents to recognize the spiritual hunger present in the very young and challenges them to identify the spiritual "baby food" found in Bible stories and in everyday life.
Bright Beginnings Lessons Strings are explored. Everyday objects found in the home and church environments become the tools needed to "prepare the meals." Participants find out what works and what doesn't work in an early childhood environment. Parents and new teachers are empowered while experienced teachers discover ideas for enriching their programs and even a new "recipe" or two for spiritual baby food!
parenting workshop
Spotlight: the Parent/Child Relationship
Discussion groups guided by the material in the play, Light on the Diamond, and Spotlight: The Parent-Child Relationship are designed to increase parenting skills for parents of elementary age children and older. Suggestions for improving parent and adult-child relationships are also addressed, while emphasizing the need to strengthen our relationship with God as his children. This workshop has the greatest impact when presented in conjunction with the play Light on the Diamond.

You may contact us for prices of The Learning Strings,
The Parent-Teacher Manual, and the workshops.

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